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Hey there, I'm Martin.

What you’ll probably want to know most is that I love folks who work in creative and entertainment spaces. I even married one. (Hey boo.)

Yes, I aced the CPA exam, paid my dues in the Big Four, founded, grew, and sold Chicago’s premier entertainment accounting practice, and wrote “the book” on accounting and tax for creatives.

So why am I starting it all over again? Simple. I believe the arts and creative expression have the power to change hearts and minds more than anything else. And this world could use some change. I’m here to help. Like I said before, I love creatives.

Recently, we’ve opened up a practice line serving businesses operating legally in the cannabis and hemp industries. These clients, just like our creative and entertainment clients, face highly nuanced industries and are a largely underserved market. It’s been a natural fit to branch out into this growing space and provide these folks with the same outstanding service our clients have come to love and appreciate.

Preferred pronouns: he, him, his.



Business That Cares

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.
— The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu

We believe that businesses who choose not to take a position on social issues are in fact taking a really strong position. Acknowledging that capitalism can be behind so much injustice in the world, we strive to create a business that values its employees, environment, customers, and community. 


REVEL CPA is proud to partner with B1G1 to use business for good.

Accounting can be delightful when things just work well.

Part of how we ensure that consistency is through using the same software and tools (or app stack) for all our clients. This way you are working with experts in each of these tools and you won’t be paying your CPA to learn a new system.


Our Accounting Platform Partner: Xero


Our Payroll Partner: Gusto


Our Document Management Partner: Hubdoc


Our Reporting & Analytics Partner: Fathom


Our Client Portal and File Storage Partner: Box.com



Curious why we've chosen these partners? Interested in learning about a painless migration from your current platform?