Why We Do It

Just like the creative and entertainment clients that we’ve served over the last 15 years, companies dealing with cannabis and related products operate in highly complex industries that require deep expertise. Whether they’re selling recreational or medicinal marijuana, farming hemp, or distilling CBD products, the laws that govern every aspect of their business from licensing to tax returns are constantly evolving. Unfortunately, this industry that needs the help so badly is also ignored by large portions of our profession. So we’re humbly stepping in, bringing our experience and passion to the table, and are ready to help the next generation of cannabis CEOs grow to their full potential.

Giving Back: Give ‘em Five!


The fact that while marijuana is being decriminalized state by state, many folks are still behind bars for doing something that at this point would be perfectly legal is disturbing. So we’re doing our part to address that by donating 5% of profits from all cannabis and hemp clients to Drug Policy Alliance—a 501c3 with a mission to end the “war on drugs” and to bring justice reform to every state in the country.

How We Can Help

Industry-Specific Setup

Stop trying to fit into cookie-cutter accounting packages that weren’t designed for a business like yours. We’ve got a customized chart of accounts built to handle the nuances of cannabusiness and provide you the detailed information you need. We’ll even help with creation of templates for your key financial business processes, including managing cash logs, receipts, safe tallies, and more.

Beyond the Basics

Numbers can tell a pretty amazing story—if you know where to look and how to read them. We’re closet design geeks and love helping you understand the story of where you’re at through numbers. Using high design and visual communication we make the process of reviewing your monthly financials enjoyable. AND beyond just showing you your results, we look to the goals that matter most to you and let you know where you’re on track or not and how to get there faster.

Peace of Mind

It’s hard to describe this any other way… our clients just feel at ease. As one client said, “All the other business owners I know are running around frantic, worried about taxes, worried about 1099s, worried, worried. And then it hit me… I don’t ever worry about any of that stuff. I just know it’s handled!” Give it a try. Relax and lean back into our time-tested templates and systems, highly-integrated cloud-based tech tools, and online collaborative workspaces… Imagine how different it will be getting the help your business deserves and freeing up your time to focus on new ways to grow—or maybe just winning back five hours a week with your family.