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It's time to:

  • Stop meeting with someone who’s talking down to you or doesn’t understand the way you do business

  • Get proactive so the business you’ve built up doesn’t start to feel like a burden

  • Become fearless in the face of the IRS, knowing you got the right advice

Our exclusive three-step OnTrak process is designed to meet you where you are and partner with you to create a business you’ll love.

Step 1: Keeping Score

Developing a system for tracking income and expenses that’s scaled right for your operations. Clarifying the process for reconciling and getting you the reports you need. Making sure you know where you stand at least once a month.


Step 2: In Compliance

Caught up on all past obligations. Aware of all sales, individual income, business income, payroll, and other tax obligations globally. Monitoring all filings.


Step 3: Knocking Down Goals

Clear about what the business should accomplish for you. Checking in against those goals. Celebrating our wins.


Want to know your OnTrak Score?

You'll be doing more than just gaining insights into your business. You'll also be providing a day of bookkeeping training to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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I jump at the chance to introduce them to colleagues. Run, don’t walk, to work with them. Your books will hum with gratitude.

Clare Hefferren

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I know that in his care, my matters are not only in order, but cared for to the very last decimal with the same detailed attention and concern as for his very own.

Charles Sanchez

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Martin is a great accountant and consultant for any artist, musician, or arts related business. He is knowledgeable about the music biz and related tax laws, down to earth, and will always tell you like it is. 

Nicole Sieczka



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And frequent speaker at entertainment and creative industry conferences.

We’ve worked with a Grammy award-winning musician, Spark! Design award-winning agency, TED-talking fashionista, Hollywood Film award-winning screenwriter, New York Times #1 Bestselling author, and we want to work with you.


Every time you schedule a call with us to explore working together, you're also providing a day of education for disadvantaged girls through our partnership with B1G1.